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Sunset Guiding & Outfitting specializes in providing a relaxing western excursion and superb hospitality in the spectacular Alberta Rockies at our "Panther River Retreat". Rushing waters, high mountain meadows and exquisite panoramas are the perfect setting for horseback riding, photography, fishing, wildlife photography, winter activities or just simply relaxing.

Sunset Guiding & Outfitting is a family-run business owned by Greg Campkin. All five of his children help out with the business. Sunset Guiding & Outfitting Inc. is a fully accredited member in good standing of the Alberta Outfitters Association. They operate in Central Alberta, north of Calgary, south of Edmonton and west to the Rocky Mountains. This is where grain fields and rolling country is dotted with oil and gas wells. Every town has a museum; every person on main street has a story to tell. Trappers, ranchers, roughnecks, you'll find people who have done it all.

Not only is this a relaxing holiday with beautiful views, but you'll take home some peace to your usual hectic day.
Fishing at Dormer Lake

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Horse drawn wagon rides are the perfect alternative for those who don't want to ride their own horse.


Sit back and relax with your best friends in the fresh mountain air.


Crawl into our hot tub at the end of your trail ride.

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